Think of your life as a book.  Remember the childhood chapter.

It was a time of high creativity and play.  You coloured.  You built imaginary roads in the sand.

Time gave you permission just to be (and to be your true self).

With years came responsibility.  First school, then studies that absorbed every waking hour.  After graduating, often family and work commitments pushed you further away from the Creative You. The job dictated what to do, and how it was to be done. Some did find jobs that allowed for creative input. Most did not.

Yet inside, there is still the quiet voice that longs to be creative. It is in everyone.

Please be aware that your creativity is as unique as your fingerprint.  Know also that you have a role to play in this world linked to this creativity ID.

Working with a Creativity Coach,  you realign/reconnect to your natural creativity path, where joy resides.

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