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“Helene Anne is a creative spirit. As a highly sensitive person, she perceives creative energy in those seeking to realize their true potential.

She has the unique ability to understand and teach others how to integrate creativity into their day-to-day lives.

Since participating in her Art of Seeing Workshops and her Creativity Coaching Program, my life has become continually enriched.  Now I know what blocks my creativity and self-confidence.  I can get around those stumbling blocks.  Today I simply push them aside.

As never before, there is a joyful flow of creativity leading to new ideas and directions in my fine art and graphic design work. Thank you, Helene Anne!” SLL

  • “I just have the best time with you (as a mentor). So enlightening, so inspiring, so comforting and safe … home. I feel a beautiful kinship with you. You have made the visions in my head become clearer, and for me to feel that they are valid and worthy of bringing them to life. I am still in that heaven kind of place – beauty. “ BD

“Wow!  I couldn’t stop listening to your audio-book on Creativity. You’ve demystified creativity making me realize that I didn’t need to be an artist to live the life of my dreams . Possibly this is one of the most powerful works about creativity ever conceived.” J.J.

Helene_Anne_Fortin_Creativity_Quote4“I’ve done a lot of reading on creativity but Helene Anne’s Art of Seeing Workshop brought it to life!” JS

“I must say, today was such a blessing. I still feel a calmness, with the excitement of our day but gently. I have been seeking a mentor for some time. Not really knowing how to or who I should seek out but as the universe does, it set me on a path leading to your zen-like studio in the hills. This is going to be a fabulous journey!”  Barbi

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