Timeline & Cost

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When we were young, we could instantly connect to creativity.

As we age, things naturally get in the way.

As your Creativity mentor/coach, my goal is to help you to reconnect with your creative brain (versus your logical brain), to help you build the skill sets required so that you stay glued to your creative path.

Helene_Anne_Fortin_seeing_Quote1For those applying from out-of-town or outside of Canada, note I work in person, via Skype, email or phone.  I request, however, that our initial visit be in person, if at all possible.

Cost: $225/month plus tax

Commitment: 4 months (minimum)

Note: I only work with 5 coaching clients at a time due to my studio’s workload. Presently there is a waiting list.  Please apply now if you are interested in upcoming vacancies. There is a “no-obligation” initial visit where we spend 1-2 hrs. discussing your creativity issues/longings/dreams.

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