Who are my Clients?

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Creativity is a life-long journey, and coaching in creativity draws many to my door.  I am very privileged to do this work.

The reasons why people come for creativity coaching are varied.

I might work with an amateur or professional photographer (or other kinds of artists, i.e., illustrators, writers, etc.) helping them to hone their skills, develop their unique talent and stay on track.

Sometimes a budding entrepreneur needs help to visualize the “look and feel” of their personal brand.  As their visual cheerleader, I guide them on that journey.

Helene_Anne_Fortin_Creativity_Quote3Perhaps a person has just gone through a difficult time or a great loss…one door closing and another one ready to be found or opened. I connect them to their creativity to help them define their future path.

Another might be healing from a disease, and wanting to use the power of creativity to breathe energy back into their rekindled life.

Note:  Once you are accepted into the mentorship/coaching programme, we both commit to work together for approximately four months.  It takes that long for butterflies to fly and transition.

Some coaching clients stay with me much longer.  (I feel very privileged when this happens.) Some even a year or more. I watch them soar…  In fact, I get goose-bumps as I viscerally see first-hand the greatness they are creating. 

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