How to Select a Coach

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Finding the right Creativity Coach deserves thought and consideration.  Here are some tips to help you select the right person.

  • Find someone with whom you have a strong connection
  • Ensure that the person listens well
  • Seek out one who works daily in a creative field (essential)
  • Test drive the individual (have a no obligation initial visit) that should last at least an hour
  • Do they have adequate skill set/knowledge to mentor?
  • Do they have good insight into what your next steps might be?
  • Are they positive?

I believe a good mentor is an experienced and trusted adviser—one who will do whatever it takes to move you forward.  I become the strongest supporter on your team: pushing, cajoling and inspiring you forward to simply come home to the Creative You!

newheaderpurplepainter studio smaller size with helene anne studioOn average I spend 4-5 hrs/month with my Creativity Coaching clients, working in person, via Skype or via email and telephone calls.

Thank goodness I had great mentors//supporters/teachers along my path. I never would have achieved the life success I have without them.

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